Recovery Rocks Community (RRCi) welcomes Informal Volunteers (helpers) and Formal Volunteers (unpaid staff) as well as Management Committee Volunteers, and Fly in fly out volunteers. Each position has different levels of responsibility and different expectations in terms of their expected knowledge about governance or managing an organisation, its events and its people. At RRCi one of the ways we  recognise our volunteer workforce is to induct our volunteer staff via a process of onboarding .

If volunteering with us appeals to you see below for some of the ways of contributing to our community in particular you may like to read all about our Onboarding Process.

Ways of Contributing at RRCi

We welcome people with the skills to contribute in the following ways [1] .

  • Contributing to hosting the Monthly Gatherings (4th Sunday of the month in South Lakes)
  • Co-facilitating/facilitating a Recovery Peer Support Group (weekly, same venue)
  • Contributing to any of the RRCi working groups, e.g. retreat, fundraising
  • Helping out at events and activities (sweeping, doing dishes, making cakes, jams etc)
  • Staffing a fundraising / promotional stand
  • Providing administration support
  • Providing phone support
  • Student supervision
  • Grant writing
  • Catering
  • Public speaking
  • RRCI Community representation on other committees
  • Edit or contribute to the newsletter
  • Social media, website maintenance
  • Delivering mini modules / learning circles
  • Registration desk or photography duties
  • Facilitating learning circles
  • Facilitate supervision and or co-supervision
  • Facilitate induction
  • Recruitment of members and volunteers
  • Facilitate training
  • Coordinating events
  • Community engagement with members through intentional peer support
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Promotion
  • Volunteer on the Management Committee[2]
If you would like to find out more about our volunteer program and onboarding process, please click on the link below


If you are interested to apply to be a volunteer, please contact us at or call us on 044 764 1122

[1] This is a non-exhaustive list

[2] Volunteering on the Management Committee is like being on a Board and requires a certain level of knowledge about governance and developing policy