April Social Group get together’s 

There are many ways RRCI members can be supported. Informal support can include providing opportunities for members to meet socially for a chat about topics which interest them.

This can include chatting about general interests, hobbies, activities, sport, generally anything. The important thing for you to remember is such groups are not ‘therapy’ groups; other than providing members with a chance to be more social.

RRCI is wanting to develop such a group and we now need to hear what you have to say so, we are holding two social group get-togethers on April, Saturday 6 and April, Wednesday 17. The time and place are the same on both dates: 1.00pm to 3.00 at the Canning River Café.coffee

We have included a weekend and week-day meet to give the widest opportunity for members to attend.

What we need to hear from you includes how often should such a group meet; meeting time, location; and comments about the format including possible activities which could be included.

Come along and have your say. Help us get it right for you 😊 For further information click here April2019RRCiSocialGroupFlyerFinal