Members Social Catch Ups

There are many ways RRCI members can find support from each other. Informal peer support can be experienced when you connect socially with others who are also walking similar paths. When you listen and share stories, tips and helpful information with each other, it can feel good.  Chatting with someone over coffee about topics which interest both of you, can also be uplifting and help reduce feelings of isolation.


Pictured: June Recovery Rocks Community Social Catch Up at the Dome in Cockburn. Mauz, Chris, Philomena, Ros, Bryan, Liz, Mandy, Danny, Gail and Dudley




                                                    OUR NEXT SOCIAL CATCH UP: Is on Friday July 26th at 5 pm at the Dome in Maylands, 219 – 221 Railway Parade  MAYLANDS 6051

See you there