It all began on Australia Day 2012 with a good old fashioned BBQ. A group of people came together at the invitation of our community founder Amanda Waegeli, to socialise, celebrate, share a meal and talk about Peer Support and Mental Health Recovery.

Amanda, a person of lived experience of personal recovery, had a dream about creating a Peer Led and Peer Run Mental Health Recovery Community where people could come together united on the journey of living their personal recovery and find acceptance from peers, people who understood, listened, were interested and really cared. It was unanimously agreed upon, that this dream should become a reality, and the journey began.

Now seven years on, as an active recovery community we have grown from strength to strength, Peer standing Stronger.

We have embraced the diversity of lived experience, and valued the contributions from our members and allies, consumers, carers, family members, workers, professionals, and organisations. Together we have created opportunities to, socialise, grow and learn more about personal recovery through connections and relationships with each other. We have created a community where people can find hope and give hope, knowing they can find happiness and create their own way forward, living purposeful and meaningful lives, despite their mental health challenges.