Helpful information and resources on COVID 19

Dear Members, Friends and Allies of Recovery Rocks Community,

In this challenging time of uncertainty in the world, we would like you to know you are not alone, we are all in this together.

It is normal to be having a lot of feelings right now, and important to talk about them, and get them out, stay connected with your regular support people, friends and family members. Please remember that emotional distress around COVID-19 is not a ‘mental illness’ It is an understandable and common human experience.

Life transitions and changes, challenge ‘our normal’ and it takes time to adjust and find a new normal. The global community is emotionally overwhelmed by COVID19 right now. But as Peer Standing Stronger we’re experts in surviving worry, panic & isolation.

Share your lived wisdom here:

Read what others have shared here:  

This project has been initiated by a small group of consumers/survivors/ex-patients who prefer to remain anonymous. This work is done purely in the spirit of acknowledging community wisdom and a genuine desire to contribute.

WACOSS (WA Council of Social Services) also have a helpful resource page here

Sending much warmth, BIG HUGS and lots of love to all

Virtual Hug


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