Recovery Respite Peers Retreat


Picture Retreat Venue, Epiphany Retreat Centre, Rossmoyne, WA

Recovery Rocks Community is pleased to announce we are now taking registrations for our upcoming annual retreat. Download the registration form here RRCi2018_RetreatRegistration Form_FINAL

It will be commence 11 am on Fri 28th and conclude at 4 pm on Sunday 30th September 2018. You can come for part of any of the days or stay overnight, one night or two.

Our retreat is a safe place to come together, receiving hope from each other; sharing; caring; listening; learning; growing and celebrating. Peers united on our journey’s. Download the flyer here RRCi_2018-RetreatFlyer_Final

The retreat is for anyone aged 18 or over, members and non members, who choose to pursue a life of personal recovery, and who want to share what works for them and learn more about what can help through peer support.

For more information contact us:

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